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Great Video inverview with Gray Cook abo

Great Video inverview with Gray Cook about his new book on ‘Movement’. #FMS #Kettlebell #exercise

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Great Blog from Team Leader Franz Snidem

Great Blog from Team Leader Franz Snideman on the Kettlebell Swing.

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New Dragon Door TV Episode – There’s al

New Dragon Door TV Episode – There’s always lots in store with Dragon Door!

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New Episode of Dragon Door TV – where li

New Episode of Dragon Door TV – where lifestyle meets hardstyle.

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Be Strong & Be Well ~ hd

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No gym, no weights, no problem—get a dyn

No gym, no weights, no problem—get a dynamite strength workout at a moment’s notice—wherever you are.

Don’t pass up one of my favorite books, The Naked Warrior.

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Weekly Practice from the Hardstyle Diva

This week we put our class through a challenging workout with a mix of swings, lunges, correctional and bodyweight exercises. We had a mix of beginner and advanvced people in class, it was amazing to see not only with the beginners but the advanced folks as well, how adding in a few corrective exercies can improve EVERYONE’S technique. Give it a try & Let me konw what you think.
be strong & be well ~ hd

Perform all exercises below for :30 seconds each for a total of 4 rounds
Hip Flexor Stretch (:30 sec per side)
Heavy Kettlebell Swings
Tactical Lunge
Hip Bridge
Mountain Climbers (2 rounds) / Burpees (last 2 rounds)

rinse & repeat
After above circuit, we finished up with some walking presses (seesaw presses) and swings outside – we went the length of our parking lot and back. Our protocal for this was :20 sec of work and :10 sec of rest.

What do you have to loose. Can’t wait to hear what you think….patiently waiting!

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