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RKC Training – the emotions!

Matt and Kristen McBryde

It’s just been one week since I have returned from my RKC certification and still I continue to be amazed at what I have accomplished. I will attempt to put in to words how this all came to fruition.

Back in Spring 2009, I signed up to attend the Russian Kettlebell Certification course scheduled for that August. The nerves and excitement flurried when I received my email confirmation from Dragon Door. After a week or so the excitement had worn off and I began to realize all the preparation necessary for passing the course. See, my husband passed RKC back in October 2008 and I saw first hand the training regimen. PATIENCE, not a virture of mine, was definitely going to be tested as I would fight to prepare and reach the necssary goals to pass each of the daily challenges at the RKC. RKC was still months off and I had nothing to worry about as Matt McBryde, my husband, would tell me — you have plenty of time– you can do it! Also Sr. Instructor, Dave Whitley (aka Irontamer), provided much insight and training tips along the way. As I began my training, my nerves calmed and with the support of Matt and the Irontamer, I began to believe I could really do this.

As several months passed, I enounterd many sources of encouragement along the way. First was Nikki and Mark Snow. I met the Snow’s (Mr. & Mrs SG Human Peformance), when Matt was subbing for the Irontamer’s bootcamp one day. They were a nice couple that showed up for the 6 AM bootcamp in Nashville. At this time they were just a “nice couple”…and they really seem to like this kettlebell thing too. Matt proudly said, Kristen is going to RKC this year. They both spoke about their interest as well. It was morning, my conversation usually limited during those hours (anyone that knows me can attest), was short and sweet. After all, they were still just a “nice couple” 🙂

Through Matt’s relationship with Dave Whitley (the Irontamer), we kept running into the Snow’s and now can look back and see the beginnings of a long friendship in the works! Little did I know the emotions that would propel this meeting into a long lasting friendship.

Before I go any further, I must go back and metion Dave Whitley, the Irontamer. Dave, a Sr. Instructor for RKC, trained Matt for his RKC Certification in Oct. 2008. With Matt and I realizing Kettlebells were not just a passing fitness trend for us, we partnered with Dave to help us get our bootcamp started for Tennessee Kettlebell in Franklin. We are blessed to have Dave’s experience on our side, as we embark on this new venture.

As I continued my training under the instruction from Matt and the Irontamer with demanding workouts 4-6 days a week, I recall Matt telling me that the Snow’s wanted to start meeting on Saturday mornings at 6 am (remember – not a morning person) to begin our final prepartation for RKC just about 2 months away. On our second Saturday monring, I met one more individual Jay Cannon, that would also be going to San Diego in August with us. The RKC Nashville group was growing…this is kind of fun! I was getting more excited about this RKC thing….still not quite understanding what lies ahead! Next, entered David Ebert, yet another RKC hopeful — our group now complete. Each of us bringing our own unique talents and personalities each Saturday morning kept us on track and motivated towards success!
Three weeks before RKC, David Whitley starting coming to our Sat. morning sessions to finish off (and I mean clean up and critique) our preparation for San Diego. I left that Saturday morning, feeling broken down and REALITY had hit! Feelings of self-doubt started to surface. That moring, as with us all (but it felt like only me), the Irontamer laid the smack down on our technique with brutal honesty. By this time I was feeling pretty good about my form and skills until now. I left unsure of anything at all. You see, the Irontamer has a very honest way of trainng, if something is not correct, he will tell you, he won’t sugar coat it either……BUT he will tell you how to correct it! The rest is up to you to practice and repeat, practice and repeat, practice and repeat. On my drive home that morning, I had to dig deep and find that fighting spirit I know is within me to carry on! The course is not cheap, there are no refunds, I MUST finish this…I CAN finish this! As our Saturday sessions were coming to an end, our bond as the Nashivlle Group had only begun to form and this bond would CARRY us through our RKC weekend.

My RKC packet arrived in the mail, I was really excited and completed the forms right away. Name…phone…address…emergency contact…all the usual stuff. List your Athletic Acomplishments, certifications…wait – I don’t have any – is that ok? I started to think what everyone else in our group would write, they all seemed to have something to write in this box. I had completed 3 half marathons, but that seemed to be very minimal to this sort of training! OH Well – this certification would be first ink on my certriciation list. Now – I am excited again!

Final, words from Dave and Matt were “You guys are so prepared”! OK – here we go – I had to believe this — Yes, I did feel prepared – I AM READY!

One week before RKC, I was really getting worn down on training and just wanted Day One of RKC to come. I am in the San Diego Airport, I see Mark and Nikki, then David Ebert. Jay Cannon would meet us later that night. We were all itching to pick up some Kettlebells and get started, but still had about 16 hours til our first test! We had officially named ourselves and will forever be known as the “Irontamer Clan!”

I will never for get you guys, the encouragement, the friendships, the RKC family, the bond that has been created! First of all, I have to say to Matt – I finally get it! I understand it! and I Love You, you are my Motivation! IronTamer…please keep laying the smack down — This is only the beginning! Mark and Nikki…speechless, but can only look ahead to what the future holds. Jay Cannon…I will always remember your sense of humor and Strong Will! David Ebert…WOW, how much can this guy lift, what an inpiration in strength! I do have to give one last shout out, Mrs. IronTamer — Mandy Whitley!

Last but not least…WE ARE HERE FOR PHYSICAL TRAINING! Here’s to the future 🙂

Irontamer Clan

Next blog…what did I do to train for RKC, specifics about the RKC Weekend.

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