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Weekly Practice from the Hardstyle Diva

WOW – what a great week in class at Tennessee Kettlebell. I will have to give credit to my husband for this workout! Everyone needs a good sweat every now and again, get that heart pumping, and to challenge yourself.

30 sec each exercise
One hand Swing – Right
One hand Swing – Left
45 seconds of rest
30 seconds each exercise
High Pull – Right
Jump Squats
High Pull – Left
Jump Squats
45 seconds rest
30 seconds each exercise
Military Press – Right
Jumping Lunges
Military Press – Left
Jumping Lunges
45 seconds rest
30 seconds each exercise
Two hand Swing
Mountain Climbers
Two hand Swing
Mountain Climbers
2 minutes rest

Everyone in class loved the challenge, its great when you can do a hard workout and people rally around each other encouraging everyone. Quality exercise is always encouraged, although when you are tired, proper form and technique will save you and often times people find that ah ha moment during times of fatigue.

Also in the news at Tennessee Kettlebell, Robert Chandler performed his first pistol (a one legged squat) this week…and we caught it on video. Check it out below. Robert has been training with us for over 8 months and because of training with Tennessee Kettlebell, he can now perform a pistol on each side. Congrats Robert, I am excited to see what’s on tap for you next — snatch test perhaps?!?!?!?

Enjoy the workout and let me know what you think ~hd

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Merry Christmas from Hardstyle Diva!

Merry Christmas from the Hardstyle Diva!

Enjoy the Holiday Jingle from Pavel & the RKC. Jingle Kettlebells

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Tennessee Kettlebell Workshop – January 2010

Kettlebell Workshop January 16th at Tennessee Kettlebell led by Senior RKC Instructor David Whitley along with the RKCs in the IronTamer Clan! Sign up and get one free month of Boot Camp! Details below!

Click here to learn more about our new year, new you workshop!

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Tennessee Kettlebell, No complicated Machines, just exercises that produce RESULTS…Learn from the ONLY RKC certified instructors in Middle Tennessee…Get Fit, Get Lean, Get Strong at Tennessee Kettlebell!

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